Take a Step Back

Take a Step Back

Looking back on this semester I have learned a lot from many of my classes but I would have to say that the most I have learned and the most I have gotten out of a class since I have been here would have to be ENG 131.03 taught by Professor Lucas. Before college and college level classes I really never written a full on essay like maybe 3 in my life and one of those 3 would have to be an ACT essay. In Highschool I really didn’t take english serious, I didn’t enjoy reading and writing I would only do it if I had to. As you can see my writing skills are not master yet but have very much improved from taking this class.

I really didn’t enjoy the novels we had to read in english this year but I honestly never do but yet I still tend to get a lot of knowledge from each book I read no matter if I am forced or I am voluntarily reading it. But if I had to pick a favorite out of the two novels we read it would be Serafina and the Black Cloak only because it was a very easy read and did not jump all around on the timeline like Swing Time did. Serafina and the Black Cloak was more of a fairy tail which is more enjoyable anyways because who doesn’t like a good fairy tail. There is one thing that did stick out to me in Serafina and the Black Cloak and that was this “As she ate a late-night dinner with her pa in the workshop, she wanted to tell him everything and beg for his help to save Braeden” (pg. 218). That goes to show that sometimes you want to beg for help and tell someone what is going on and what is going to happen if they don’t help but yet you don’t want to tell them to have them worrying because if you tell them what good is it going to do you.

Over the semester we did many different readings and a lot of readings that seemed very pointless and meaningless to me honestly like as in I would never even think about reading if it wasn’t for English but there were a few that we exceptions like “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation” or maybe even the one called “Blogs vs. Term Papers”. Going back to the “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation” article made me really think about how smartphones affected everyday life because as a smartphone user I use my phone just about every second but yet I wouldn’t say it’s destroying a generation because all it’s doing is creating change for the future and that is how the future will be less human conversation and more digital at least seems to me I mean Jean even says “My three daughters were born in 2006, 2009, and 2012. They’re not yet old enough to display the traits of iGen teens, but I have already witnessed firsthand just how ingrained new media are in their young lives” (Twenge, Jean M). To mean that is just how the world is going and the direction it’s headed some may see it as bad but to me I see it not so bad but more improved.

To wrap things up and conclude this reflective essay I would like to bring back up my improvement in reading and writing skills. My writing has improved very much so that I have no trouble knocking out an essay or two and my reading skills have very much improved also because I am not as shy and timid to read aloud in a group setting. I would have to say the least that ENG 131.03 has only helped me improve my overall education.


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In “The History Teacher” Billy Collins talks about what he learns about in history class. This poem is relatable to me because of the boring stuff you learn about in history class. I can link it to current events like how in the last paragraph he talks about “rambling stories designed to make the enemy nod off” like talking about how when the teacher teaches about history it tends to make people fall asleep like I tend to do during my boring classes.


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“Serafina and the Black Cloak” is mostly about a young girl named Serafina who lives in the basement of the Biltmore mansion. None of the rich people/the Vanderbilts from upstairs know she exists. Some man in a black cloak starts to take the children but nobody knows that and they think the kids are just going missing but Serafina knows it’s the man in the black cloak so she becomes all heroic and teams up with Braeden Vanderbilt which is a nephew of one of the owners. They together try to solve the mystery and stop the children from going missing with in the process Serafina finds out who she really is and who her mother is.


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The article “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” is pretty self explanatory, it’s about a man doing research on the smartphones generation and him interviewing a 13 year old girl who live in Houston, Texas that goes by the name of Athena. He talks about how smartphones decreased high schoolers hanging out with friends, in no rush to drive, less dating, and less sex. He also talked about how more high schoolers are more likely to feel lonely and less likely to get enough sleep. He finished the article by talking about his three daughters being born in 2006, 2009, and 2012 but yet he can see how they are growing into the smartphone generation.



Tracey in Swing Time

The book Swing Time is mostly about an unknown named girl who faces many different obstacles as she grows up in London and becomes an assistant for her lifelong hero Aimy, Aimy is a famous singer and songwriter in the book. The narrator meets a lot of people along the way including a girl named Tracey. She meets Tracey in the early stages of her life but yet Tracey is a big part of the narrator’s life.

Zadie Smith actually based Tracey the character off of a 6 year old girl that Zadie Smith’s daughter meet at a birthday party and Zadie said “the little girl would ask all these questions like what are you eat? Why are you doing that? What are you going to do after this party? What are you going to do when you get home?” she also said the little girl was very intrigued and very mature. Tracey plays a big role in the book Swing Time one of the biggest because many things Tracey does effects the whole story and how it unfolds. Tracey is bit of a self centered, attention seeking, insecure character who had a troubled childhood. To really understand a person like Tracey you need to go back to the beginning and look at how they grew up. Tracey had daddy issues which the narrator and her mom known about like when the narrator’s mom says “I see he’s gone in again.”(115) meaning Tracey’s father is in jail again.

As Tracey develops throughout the book and the actions she takes get worse and worse affecting more people as the book moves forward into the narrator’s life but the format of the book and the way it’s told kind of jumps from past to future then back to past which can get a little confusing at times by trying to follow Tracey but yet she still manages to effect the narrator in a negative way throughout her whole life and the whole novel. One part that stood out to me and you could tell Tracey was up to no good is when the narrator and Tracey were kids Tracey forced the narrator and all the friends at this little girl’s birthday party to make this seductive music video and only the narrator and Tracey would be the ones dancing in the video and when the some of the girls said that they wanted to be in the video Tracey then would say “Did they go to dance class? Had they any gold medals? As many as she?”(80) which of course made may of the girls cry. Tracey then would keep that video and release it later on in the novel as the narrator and Tracey were much older.

As the story comes to an end Tracey and the narrator become separate from one another except for the fact Tracey released that video showing the world that the narrator has always been obsessed with the famous singer Aimee that the narrator worked for and got fired from. Tracey had done a lot of things that were pretty questionable because the narrator looked at her as a friend but yet she really never showed any real friend traits. Tracey end this story with herself getting pregnant with 3 kids and with all different dads and exposing the narrator’s obsession for the music performer she worked for after she Amiee the music performer she worked for found out she had been sleeping with the guy she had fallen for.


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Chase Randolph

  • Career Objective
    • I want to be a salesman or involved with some type of marketing either in sports or business
  • Professional Experience 
    • none
  • Education 
    • I’ve graduated from Weddington high school and now I attend Lenior Rhyne on the way to majoring in Sports Marketing.
  • Additional Skills
    • I play football for Lenior Rhyne
    • I’m very successful in sports
    • I’m determined to get things done the right way no short cuts.

About Me

I am Chase, and I play football at Lenoir Rhyne. I have been playing football my whole life. When I was growing up all I did was play sports my parents got me into sports early. I didn’t love all sports some of them I actually hated like baseball and soccer. I hated baseball because all I did was sit in the out field and play with the grass and with soccer I just played goalie and punted the ball as hard as I could. When I started playing football I loved it right off the bat. I won 2 state championships my senior year one in football and one in lacrosse, they were both the first in school history. I was defensive MVP for my football won which was pretty cool. I guess you could say I left my mark on Weddington High School now I got to do the same here at LR.